Counter attack, goddess of change! A lipstick can fix it.

Issuing time:2020-04-06 00:00

As the commonly used red rose lipstick in Korean dramas, I believe it has become a popular product. It is not only the heroine in Korean dramas, but also the "imperial concubine" in China, which is also a rosy red to the end of the whole drama.

Small editorial comments: the appearance of the tested lip gloss is a girl's heart full red translucent texture, and the interior is a golden matte tube, which is consistent with the matte texture of the tested product. The lip color is rich and full.

It's needless to say that you can deduce thousands of "lip feelings" by using different rose red lip gloss. Even if you use a rose red lip gloss, you can show different styles through different application methods. I don't believe you!


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