Magicians who don't know how to protect skin are not experts

Issuing time:2020-04-06 00:00

The effective way to improve skin roughness is to exfoliate, keep the cuticle unobstructed so that the skin can better absorb the nutrients in skin care products, and avoid the problems of dark skin color, rough pores, acne and so on. In good out of a bandbox, you can get exfoliating the day before the important date, and then use the mask to do intensive care. Second days will make you look good.

No woman would like to see a man with a shiny face. To deal with the oil, in addition to cleaning the face seriously, it is more important to add enough water to the skin. If the water content of the skin cells is insufficient, it is easy to cause the imbalance of water and oil and increase the oil content of sebum secretion, so as to control more oil. After you wash your face, use the crisp astringent water and moisturizing lotion to maintain it. At the same time, you can use the oil control essence around your forehead and nose to adjust the oil secretion. When you go out, you can take oil absorbent paper with you for a rainy day.

If puffiness appears on the face after getting up, warm water must be used when washing the face, and massage together to help the skin strengthen blood circulation. After that, apply cold water on your face. The cold and hot circulation can reduce swelling. Follow up use of skin care products should also pay attention to appropriate massage, stimulate acupoints and lymph, restart the delayed subcutaneous microcirculation, so that the facial line back tight. Use skin care products containing ginseng, caffeine, vitamin C and other rejuvenating ingredients to massage the skin to help reduce swelling.

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